Thanks David for the kind words! 

I have been going to marks nuts and bolts for years. I have never once been shut down meaning he always has had everything I was looking for. Prices are great I like the fact that most things are sold by the pound. The best thing about Marks nuts & bolts to me is what I call the $5.00 bonus box I dont recall what Mark calls it, but I will leave it at that in fact I think I will treat myself to a bonus box tomorrow. Go check it out
             THANKS MARK


Have you ever found yourself working on a project on a Friday evening and you come up one bolt, or one screw short of finishing, so off you go to the local hardware store … uggghhhh!!!

With the heat departing and the cool temps of fall upon us … what better time to get your own “stash” of bolts ! We have many solutions to help you get organized.

For the bigger bolts and larger quantities, we have the reach in style of open bins. We have bins with 32, 40, and 72 hole openings. They are all welded, prime cold rolled steel and the ribbed and hemmed dividers provide added strength.

For the smaller items, we have the “SCOOP” boxes. The trays come in 16, 20, 24, and 32 compartments. The outer shell is prime cold rolled steel and the insert is a high impact styrene material. Also available is the easy glide slide rack (holds 4 trays ). This is a great way to stack your strays and have easy access

So, it’s time to take advantage of the cooler weather and get yourself organized!