Lifetime Warranties

Wow … what would a lifetime warranty be like on our bodies ???   How would you interpret that ??  Does that mean your body will last forever ….

Or does it make more sense that there is an implied warranty that is in effect as long as you’re alive …. As in an expected time frame that you will be above ground.

Perhaps this is a weird analogy, but in this day and age some things need to be spelled out. A lifetime warranty on a tool doesn’t mean it’s warrantied forever. A tool is expected to eventually wear out. This is the position that, to my knowledge, all current domestic and import tool manufacturers have taken.

Tool abuse is at an all time high and I see a lot of it. Most of the large tool makers will no longer warranty a tool if there is any sign of abuse.  Simply put, tool abuse voids any warranty. The line of sockets we carry that have a life time warranty have to be sent back to manufacturer for inspection prior to any warranty.

So PLEASE  use the right tool for the right job and give that tool the respect it deserves, and a chance to do the job!



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