We are often asked to make a recommendation in regard to what size chain to use for a job. That is a very hard question to answer from our side of the counter, and really should be looked at thru a designer/engineering pair of eyes. There are many factors and abuses that will lessen the load that the chain and related products will withstand. Some examples of such changes and abuses are as follows:

Tip loading of hooks

Twisting of the chain


Deterioration of the component by strain, usage or corrosion

Impact loading (sudden loading)

Use in sharp corners without protection

Use in excess of working load limits


Our standard Grade 30 proof coil chain has the following working load limit:

1/8   @ 375 lbs

3/16 @ 750 lbs

¼  @ 1250 lbs

5/16 @ 1900 lbs

3/8  @  2650 lbs

We also sell the Grade 70 Load Binder chain. This chain is plated with a yellow zinc and is primarily used for tying down heavy equipment on trailers.  We sell two sizes, and the come with a Grade 80 grab hook on each end.

5/16 x 20ft  has a 4700 lb rating

3/8 x 20 ft  has  a 6600 lb rating

And last but not least … as you add different hardware to your chain …. make sure you understand the load rating of the new hardware …. For example … you would not want to use a ¼” quick link ( 880 lb working load limit ) with  5/16”  proof coil chain ( 1900 lb working load limit )

Can you guess what the weak link is in this set up ??


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