FROM ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS: I have been buying from Mark for 20 years now.For a few reasons great selection of fasteners and alot more hard to find items.For use around the home and business..You will find the best selection of stainless fasteners anywhere right under this roof.Along with many other fasteners.Plus tarp and shade needs. A good selection of small hand tools tap and die needs.Some electrical, hinges, etc etc.You simply need to make the first visit.Pricing is also better than any of the larger stores.IF you need help , you will have to ask.For the simple reason this is a small owner run store front.He runs a tight ship and in order to help get the better prices.He cant afford to hire more help than is just needed.You wont have to run all over like at home depot looking for anyone who could help you.At marks someone is easy to find.Just be patent when there always busy doing something or helping someone.My only complaint is the hours.But again you can only do so much. Meaning we all have our limitations. Great store and selection and prices check Marks out!

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