Cars, guitars, machine tools, taps, dies, lawn mowers, transmissions, amplifiers, bungee cords, left handed drills. I got an Ibanez made (assembled) in USA Saber Custom guitar fixed in time for a Friday night gig, and the guitar was not dropped off until 2:00 PM. I wish Mark stayed open a little later, but the job is done, and done right. Why? Because I used the right parts to make a good reliable permanent repair. JB Weld, and a broken stud does NOT work nearly as well as a new threaded stud screwed & peened into the cast saddle. That is a permanent repair, that should last a very long time, and avoided having to pay $300 for a new bridge assembly. Mark’s also made my truck so the transmission can be drained and the filter changed without pulling out cross members or skid plates. Bring your mechanic’s hats and prepare to engineer!

Seth B. (from comment posted online)