Using zipties is like drinking too many beers……you need to know the limits! Way too often I see a big guy wrap a 4″ ziptie around some wires and then YANK— putting 250 lbs of bench pressing muscle  into this teeny weeny 18 lb tensile strength ziptie……Guess who wins???  Our zipties provide up to 50% more tensile strength and 15% larger bundle diameters than other products. Their positive-locking teeth, closely and evenly spaced on both sides of the body, provide increased strength and fine adjustment for any bundling need. The raised ridges on the zipties bent tips are designed to provide a secure grip while requiring minimal effort to close. The patented , one-piece injection-molded construction eliminates failure due to parts working loose or breaking off. Smooth, rounded edges make the ties easy to handle and install with cutting hands. BUT, they are not made of Kryptonite!!!! So, know your ratings- know your limits and please don’t ZIP and DRIVE