You can find our nuts and bolts in all kinds of places but one of our favorite places is at Canyon Raceway. One of our customers, Diamond Mechanical, has a race team that we help sponsor. Thought you all might like to hear a little bit about how Bandit Racing is doing. Here’s an update from Ted at Diamond Mechanical for last weekend:

Aaron had a 15th,  10th, & 8th place finish in the mains;Colton 8th, 7th, & 6th finishes;Tyler 5th, 2nd, & won Sundays main event.The boys were trying all kinds of different fuel setups as well as chassis set up combinations all weekend long.Tyler first try at running mini sprints went off well for him coming from the Outlaw Go-Karts in California, definitely shows some natural talent. This week has the mini’s back on Friday and Saturday only taking the wings off which will make for some fun racing.Colby….what can I say? We first had a good run going in the main Friday night (getting up to fourth and trying for third) when the third place car didn’t realize Colby was above him and they collected each other hitting the main front straight wall causing major chassis damage. Saturdays struggle to replace broke and bent chassis pieces had everyone worn out by race time getting to the track just an half an hour before starting, but the racing gods were not through with us yet when on the first lap of hot laps the drive line stripped out and tore up the rear end.  We had to replace the rear end missing our heat race but  just in time to run the B-Main starting last.We finished high enough to make the 20th starting spot in the main but on the first lap (in turn two) the same car we had collect us on Friday night came down across Colby taking out the front axle again.Done for the night but wore out to say the least. The boys put another front end in the car and we headed home for a well-deserved night’s sleep.Sunday brought more excitement when Colby beat everyone out and won his heat race, a good start, but something still not right.The car still not up to par, something just not good but we started the main event and ran strong until late in the race when the Gremlins started rearing up again and the car handling like a dump truck.Coming out of turn four and with five laps to go, a car not seeing Colby struggling, came down across us yet again folding up the front end like a piece of paper. Frustration and fatigue setting in so we called it a short night to regroup for the final three nights starting this Thursday night at 7, Friday night at 7, and then the finals on Saturday starting at 5.

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