SOAP YOUR SCREWS IN ALL YOU DO! As a young boy, I spent many a day with my dad building wooden sailboats. One of my many jobs was to walk behind him as he drilled holes.  I would then take the brass slotted wood screw that he had given me, drag it across a bar of soap and stick it in the hole he had just drilled. After circling the boat in this fashion, he would then screw them in with his “ Yankee” screwdriver …  (that’s an old school screw gun).  He taught me that soaping the screws made them go in easier with less heat and friction.

In this day and age with all the high tech drills and screw guns that flood the market ….. this age old concept is still very applicable!  I have more than a few commercial deck builders that swear by soaping their screws first …… although they don’t have their kids to do it! They have found short cuts. The most logical is this: Buy a plastic bottle of liquid detergent, cut the top off and put the bottle of detergent nearby.  Put the screw onto the end of the magnetic bit, dip it into the detergent and then run it into the deck.  The screw goes in much easier and quicker. You also get more life out of the battery charge and will significantly reduce the chance of snapping off heads.  I have another customer who builds a lot of rustic homes and uses a variety of large and very long lag bolts … 1/2 “, 5/8” and even 3/4 ” diameters … sometimes as long as 24”.  He is a firm believer in soaping the lags before running them in, even though he uses an impact gun.
Old tricks never die, sometimes they just don’t get passed on…..just another reason to stop by Marks Bolts. You never know what tidbit I’ve got up my sleeve!


Posted by Mark and Joni Corby