Unfortunately, from my side of the counter, I often see and hear about arms, fingers and eyes injured thorough unsafe grinding.  Sometimes, the injuries are serious.  Injuries caused by the careless use of hand held grinders and die grinders turning at a very high RPM. Here are some safety guidelines that come from the manufacturer of most of our abrasives.


  • Always wear impact resistant protective glasses and full-face shields when involved in or near grinding operations.
  • Always wear safety shoes, arm guards, leather gloves and apron. Wear a respirator to avoid inhalation of dust particles.
  • Persons entering the work area should adhere to the same protective concepts


  • Never grind without a proper backing pad/holder
  • Never use a backing pad without first inspecting it for signs of irregularities.
  • Use only discs that fully contact the edge of the backup pad.
  • Never use a disc that overhangs the backup pad by more than ½”.
  • Always ease the disc onto the work piece. Start the tool just off the work piece and begin grinding immediately.
  • Check the tool for wobble and observe all safety recommendations supplied by the manufacturer.
  • NEVER exceed maximum RPM ratings.

Posted by Mark and Joni Corby