#2 point

#3 point


Stitching TEKS

Reamer TEKS

TEKS with wings

Each of these TEK screws has characteristics that need to be aligned to the task at hand.

For example, if you’re lapping corrugated sheeting together and you’re screwing down the seams, use a stitching TEK. It’s stitch point enables driving the screw in with delayed thread engagement which eliminates the material separating while running the screw in.

Another example is heavier gauge metal. A TEK screw with a #2 point isn’t going to penetrate steel that is thicker than the depth of the drill point… hence the need for the TEK 5.

Putting down new wood on a flat bed trailer? The 14 x 2 3/4 “ reamer TEK with wings is a great way to go! The wings on the screw actually ream out the wood so it doesn’t lift up when the screw hits the steel and starts drilling.

Last thing to remember…. TEK screws are designed for metal. They do not hold well in wood. So, if you’re attaching something to wood, a TEK screw will actually drill too large a hole in the wood thereby significantly reducing the holding power.

Posted by Mark and Joni Corby