Ball Bungies and the Arizona Sun.

If I haven’t told you before, I’ll tell you now…Ball Bungies are the next best thing to peanut butter!! Not only do we see them used for the tarp and canopy set-ups, but also in quite a variety of different uses such as:
*Lashing down gear on your ATV/Razor/Dirt Bike
*Strapping down lids on garbage cans
*Securing trash bags in a waste basket
*Securing sun shades from flying in the wind
*Organizing tool boxes
*Keeping electric cords organized
One word of advice when using them out in the sun: the further they are stretched, the sooner they dry rot. As the bungie is stretched, the “jacket” becomes less of a shield and the sun deteriorates the rubber bungie. The ball bungie should be stretched just enough to stay snug around the ball. Doing this will maximize the life of your ball bungies. Send us a picture or just tell us how you have used YOUR ball bungies in the past to


Posted by Mark and Joni Corby